NEW! ASC Gladiatore Medio Bronze Skyscraper

Introducing the ASC Gladiatore Medio Bronze Skyscraper, a striking new addition to our esteemed collection, limited to only 39 pieces in gold. This high-end writing instrument is crafted exclusively from ASC celluloid sheets, reminiscent of the great Parker Vacumatic fountain pen.

The pen features a captivating bronze celluloid body adorned with delicate vertical lines that evoke the image of illuminated windows at night. Its faceted design and beautifully engraved gold trim enhances its aesthetic appeal. The Gladiatore Medio, though a compact version of our Gran Gladiatore, maintains all the same great features.

Equipped with original OMAS 18K nibs in multiple size options and an ebonite feeder, this pen guarantees a smooth and consistent writing experience. The piston filling system enables convenient refilling and houses a generous capacity.

With its captivating design inspired by the towering skyscrapers that define city skylines, this pen stands tall in any collection. Don't wait, this exclusive piece is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

MSRP $895 (Members Pay $800.00) 

Ready for delivery now!

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