1) How do I care for my Armando Simoni Club pen?

Fountain Pen Cleaning

  • The nib of the pen and the converter must be thoroughly cleaned before changing ink color.
  • Empty the barrel of ink by refilling and expelling the piston-filler several times with room temperature or cool water. (Never use warm or hot water or any chemicals.) Repeat until the expelled water is almost clear.
  • Wipe thoroughly.
  • The pen is ready for use.

Periodic Service: It is a good practice to empty the pen of ink and flush the filling system with cool water once a month or when you are changing ink colors. 
Preparation for storage: If you will not be using your pen for an extended period, following the cleaning instructions and let dry completely uncapped before recapping and storing. Make sure you keep your pen away from sunlight when you are storing it, as it may damage the material over time. 

2) How do I become an Armando Simoni Club Member?

When you purchase your first Armando Simoni Club pen, you automatically become a member of the Armando Simoni Club.
You will receive a ASC membership card with a password that allows access to the portion of this website that is reserved for ASC Members.  
You will get significant benefits, such as: special offers for purchases through our online store, private events sales before pens are available to the general public, reserving a series number, free shipping to addresses in Canada and the USA, and much more.