ASC Gladiatore Medio Arco Bronze

With the success of ASC's Bologna Gladiatore Medio, we wanted to create an accessible pen to our growing community of pen lovers. It comes with all the gorgeous features of Il Gladiatore, in a smaller size. And best of all, an affordable price for our members. 

A numbered edition, we are offering this pen to our loyal Members at $995! Our first batch of 250 is exclusive only to ASC members, so make sure to reserve yours today! Manu says, "clap your hands and run to the check out!"

MEMBER   $995
MSRP       $1195

Material   Arco Bronze celluloid 
Trims        Yellow Gold
Feeder      Ebonite
Nib            #6 18k750 Medium 
System     Rotating knob piston filler
Facets      12
Available  June 2019
Size          147 mm (length) 16 mm (diameter)

Free Shipping for USA orders. Click below on our promo video.

Category: Arco Bronze, Museum

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