Our Inspiration

When we speak of a luxury pen, we do not highlight its value.

We are pen aficionados, and we speak a different language - of beauty, dreams, and desire.

We want to know everything about the pen. From its origin and tradition, to its design and use.  Seduced by the intrigue, we set off on the path to discovery and enjoyment.

We appreciate each pen as a timeless piece of art. 

Armando Simoni spoke the language of the pen aficionado, and his designs are a window into his soul.

From childhood onwards, he was interested in small-scale mechanisms, and intricate instrumentation. As a young man, he named his business accordingly, Officine Meccaniche Armando Simoni, and it became known by the acronym O.M.A.S.

One of Simoni's earliest pen inspirations was the famous Arte Italiana, with 12 facets reminiscent of the Doric columns that also inspired the Eversharp pens.  The Arte Italiana became a world renowned classic that endured for decades in the luxury pen market.

Simoni’s love of technical challenges resulted in the creation of surprising innovations: a pen with two nibs and two ink reservoirs; translucent barrels that showed the ink inside; and the legendary Model 361 with its aerodynamic shape and patented nib capable of being either flexible or rigid, which made it useful for both drawing and writing. They are just a few examples of the creative spirit of Armando Simoni.

He was later recognized as Cavaliere della Corona d’Italia - Knight of the Italian Crown - and thereafter was known as Il Cavaliere.

Simoni often said, "A pen must make writing pleasurable.”  Join us in the journey to pleasurable writing with the Armando Simoni Club.


The person responsible for the rebirth of Armando Simoni’s heritage is Emmanuel Caltagirone.  

“Manu”, as he is known to his friends, was born in Paris, and grew up in France.  

His pen roots runs deep. His father worked for Waterman for decades, including as head of development for the Cartier brand. In 1978, the elder Caltagirone started his own company, Sermec, which manufactured pen components, as well as complete pens.

As a young guy, Manu had dirty fingers from disassembling and repairing pens of all sorts.  He worked throughout his father’s factory, and learned to make repair parts on lathes, cut feeds, set nibs, and do whatever it takes to resuscitate a pen.  Manu has 'ink in his blood'.

In 1998, he succeeded his father as head of Sermec, and not long afterwards Waterman made a purchase offer that they couldn’t refuse.

Not to be deterred, they acquired the rights to the Skyline brand, and revived it.  This eventually led to a partnership with Syd Saperstein, and the revival of the Wahl Eversharp Deco Band pens.  Learn more at www.wahleversharp.com

The OMAS brand has long been one of Manu’s favorites.  In early 2016, when the owners of OMAS took it into bankruptcy, Manu saw the opportunity to again resuscitate a worthy brand.  He purchased the assets of the defunct OMAS brand, which included a multi-year supply of their famous celluloids.

The metamorphosis has started with the introduction of the Armando Simoni Club brand.  The first model was introduced in February 2017, and more new pens are in the pipeline.

It is a fitting homage to the technical genius of the founder of OMAS.  

As Simoni often said, “A pen must make writing pleasurable.”  Manu could not agree more.