Conway Stewart

What began as a small enterprise between two partners, blossomed into one of the most recognized pen brands. Conway Stewart Co. Limited was formed in London in 1905. Known for its colorful celluloid and casein plastic pens, Conway Stewart is a beloved treasure amongst pen lovers.
The company that introduced The Churchill series and Dinkie in acrylic, solid silver, and solid gold. The first solid gold pens made for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Philip on the celebration of their golden wedding anniversary 20 November 1997. That was Conway Stewart.

The queen herself wrote a thank you letter for the gift, stating they were 'useful to boot'. Conway Stewart was also known for supplying birthday presents of its Churchill pen to Bill Clinton, George Bush, Jacques Chirac, Vladimir Putin and Princess Diana, to name but a few. 
The story of this great pen brand continues.