Bologna Wild Dark Side


An addition to Armando Simoni Club is the Bologna Wild Dark Side fountain pen. This pen is crafted from the exquisite 'wild' celluloid and finished with superior black ruthenium trim, all handmade in Italy.

Larger in length and girth than the pens that Armando Simoni produced in this style, it is equipped with a larger vintage style roller clip in ruthenium finish.


The Greek Key pattern appears on the cap band as it has since Armando Simoni introduced it on his pens. Greek Key bands now also decorate the barrel above the grip section.


Pen aficionados will appreciate the superb writing characteristics from the combination of a large (No. 8 size) ‘Magic Flex’ 14k solid gold nib with ruthenium plating, and an innovative ebonite feed that flexes to provide superb ink flow. Everything about this design enables you to vary the line width by changing the amount of pressure on the nib as you write. Be careful not to push too hard, as you can bend this flexible nib.

Category: Museum

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