We have listened to your heart's desire. Knowing fully well how much you all love Arco Bronze celluloid, we aim to please our loyal members and fountain pen fans. From the chocolate ceramic PVD coating and twelve perfectly aligned facets, to its oversized dimension 150 mm x 17 mm diameter (or to make it simple, bigger than a Montblanc 149) and its unique aluminum ink feeder made from Boeing aircraft specs,

Il Gladiatore is a pen for the history books.

A Limited Edition of only 70 pens worldwide.
 If fountain pens are making their comeback, Armando Simoni Club aims to be at the epicenter of its renaissance. 

Don't wait too long -- Arco Bronze faceted celluloid will sell like gold. And Manu says, "Clap your hands, stomp your feet, and run to checkout!"

Category: Museum

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