Ogiva Tribute Rhodium Trim

Armando Simoni Club introduces the Ogiva Tribute with rhodium trim. 

This Limited Edition of 58 fountain pens is a tribute to Armando Simoni, the founder of OMAS, who died in 1958.

This pen is crafted from the same classic Italian celluloid that Armando Simoni used beginning in the 1930s for his Arco Bronze pens. It is the same length and girth as the original Ogiva fountain pen.

To commemorate Simoni’s legacy of elegant design, we are introducing the ASC Ogiva Tribute with rhodium-plated, rather than gold-plated, trim.

The roller clip is an elegant vintage style. The cap has three slender cap bands. There is an additional engraved band in the grip section commemorating this as the ASC Ogiva Tribute fountain pen.

The pen is beautifully finished with a rhodium-plated original OMAS 14-carat gold nib, plus an ebonite feed.

The available ASC nib sizes are fine, medium, and broad, plus a limited number of stub nibs.

The ASC Ogiva Tribute fills using a high-quality ASC converter, rather than a piston-filling mechanism. You can fill the pen with ink from a bottle using the converter, or use international size ink cartridges.


If you are an Armando Simoni Club Member, you have the option to reserve the limited edition number you want, if it is not yet reserved. Once the pens are available we will hold your reserved limited edition number for 30 days so you have the opportunity to purchase it.

When you purchase your first Armando Simoni Club pen, you automatically become a member of the Armando Simoni Club. For information about the benefits of being a member and how to qualify, please see the Armando Simoni Club Member page.

If you are a pen retailer and would like to become an authorized retailer of Armando Simoni Club pens, please see our Authorized Retailer page for more information.

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